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a person that binges on "food porn" websites such as Food Gawker, Food Network, All Recipies, etc. A sufferer of this condition reaches an obsessive level of searching for indulgent pictures of food or complex/absurd recipies. The person never intends on actually attempting the recipies, just drooling over them for hours on end. Virtual Bulimics like to commit their binges secretly and if caught, deny the amount of time they have spent on their favorite foodie websites. A common behavior of VBs is to keep a tab open to a genrically 'good use of time' websites, like the, which they can toggle to upon the glance of un-welcome eyes.
Person 1: "Erin has been salivating at her computer all day while looking through Food Gawker's most popular recipies of all time. Right now she is reading a recipe for deep fried bacon. Her condition appears to be growing graver by the second; I think it's time for an intervention."

Person 2: "Yes, she is demonstrating all the signs of a Virtual Bulimic. We would be good friends to confront her."
by Candykorn March 30, 2011
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