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The fear of firing a Virgin. I think Miley Cyrus is one.
See also, virgin
Caution, this May or may not make you horny, do not read in public!

Suzy was a Virginaphobia victim living in a catholic family. One day she and her boyfriend were at a truck stop. She was just so horny she couldn't take it. She slid her hands down her boyfriends pants and tickled him. He grabbed her by the cheeks and they proceeded to kiss passionately. She pulled away and he kissed down her neck, licking and sucking her. He undid her bra with his teeth and ripped open her shirt, aggressively kissing her breasts.
Soon they were on the floor of the bathroom, her bare legs wrapped around his torso. He thrust his thick dick into her and she moaned.
She then stood up, put on her clothes, and said "thanks for curing my fear" before leaving him naked and Wet on the floor of the woman's restroom. He was later arrested.
by CowSex December 20, 2013
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