Someone who feels that by not giving into their lusts, they are doing something good for themselves and for society. People who feel this emotion aren't social outcasts, losers, or romantically inept. In today's society, losing one's virginity is quite an easy task, with hookers, booty calls, and fuck buddies so easily available -- it's resisting temptation that's hard.
By protecting themselves from STDs, unwanted pregnancies, emotional damage, and needless regrets, many people who hold off on sex until marriage feel some measure of virgin pride.
by Heina December 17, 2005
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When people who still have their 'flower' intact decide to boast about it to the nearest passer by, even in front of their own parents.
Doctor "Are you on the pill?"
Blonde haired girl with glasses "No, I'm a VIRGIN!"
Dad with sunglasses on inside *shocked face*
That, my friends, is Flower Pride (Virginal Announcement Syndrome).
by lmaoR March 23, 2009
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