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1.The Anti Christ of professional wrestling. Not to be confused with the Hitler of professional wrestling, Vince McMahon.
2. The reason World Championship Wrestling Sucked in late 1999 till its death in early 2001

3. The man who drove a stake through the heart of WCW at its peak with extremely shitty booking of matches thus, insuring complete victory for rival WWF (WWE today).He should be banished from ever being able to work in the professional wrestling industry.
4. The "black plague" or "cancer" in professional wrestling. Helped destroy WCW and is currently booking for TNA wrestling
Gary: dude, why is Hulk Hogan feuding with Billy Kidman. That makes no sense and sucks balls.

Randy: Well, Vince Russo is the booker for WCW, so thank him.

Ron: Why the fuck is Jeff Jarret the WCW world champion? He is one of the worst wrestlers ever and has less wrestling ability than a nitro girl.

Jeremy: because Vince Russo is the booker of WCW. He is notorious for booking such shitty programming.

Will: TNA can do alot better. some matches are good, but some make no sense and suck ass. They need to up there game to compete with the dictatorship of WWE.

Carlton: Well Will, TNA has a cancer in Vince Russo and unless they fire him, TNA will not beable to elevate. even if Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are now there.
by WCW/nWo fan 4 Life November 15, 2009
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Vince russo is a Pro-wrestling writer who is mostly hated by the fans because he writes such sucky wrestling storylines.

Vince russo = FaiL
Tom: ''John stop changing the expire dates on your food''

Eddie: ''Haha.. don't worry I won't pull off a vince russo''

Charlie: ''God damn russo''

Adam: ''Yeah.. he so ended WCW''

by SitOutBomb January 08, 2009
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