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Villefranche sur-mer is a very tiny expensive town in the south of France . the church in villefranche is older than the U.S.A. though it doesn't look that way because it has been remade so many times. the church bells ring every 30 minutes and after six months it drives you out of your fucking mind...... then you get used to it.
other than that though its pretty nice, it has a long beach wich is good if you ever want to take a walk alone and a great place to hangout with friends AND if you get sick of the nice view it's right next to Nice (another town in the south of france around 10 minutes from Villefranche) with shops and all that good stuff that comes with big cities.
villefranche is a generaly boring place to be, I don't understand why anyone would want to take a vacation here.
by Guy who misses california March 06, 2011
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