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A Village Cricket Destroyer (hereafeter referred to as 'VCD') is somebody who hates the spirit of village cricket. Much of his emphasys is placed on being manly, he may be the son of a man in a position of manliness or power such as a miner or a tax collector.

Often the captain of a bigger club, such as a town team, A VCD will be merciless in his desire to stop cricket being fun.

A VCD might have other interests, such as tennis, that person will take particular pride in winning.

A VCD will hang around in the same areas as village cricketers in a sheepish manner, his end goal being to wait for available females to approach the lower standard cricketers before he muscles in and explains his position to take the girls for himself.
1) Wow, we are 45-9 and that VCD is bringing the best bowler back on

2) Wow, that VCD sure is a village cricket destroyer!

3) BBH sure is a VCD

4) Wow, that VCD knows how to sink some ale!
by slemdogmillionaire September 15, 2009
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