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a very sweet multi-cultural unique name.

typically a womans name, and its classified under "new-born baby" and "goddess"
this name can be - french, german, armenian..etc.
Vilidania comes from many roots:
for example- "Vili" comes from the German folk of the creation of 3 brothers, ending the primeval rule of the race of giants. (can be compared, to the the three brothers, of greek mythology, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades) .. where they have created their wives..and Vili, comes to be Zeus wife, prevailing, comfort, wit, and touch.

Dania is actually a name of a beach in Florida.

so the name makes a nice match.
Ex : have you ever heard the story of Vili
Ex : do you want to go to Dania beach?

EX : Vilidania
by Zippiddooda September 08, 2010
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