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A sexual position in which one partner takes the other from behind, and makes hand motion as though rowing a viking ship. The other partner is lying down with their chest up like the mighty prow of a ship, and puts their hands on either side of their head, pointer fingers up to symbolize viking horns. Done in celebration of Norse heritage.
Person 1: So...what do you want to do tonight baby?
Person 2: VIKING KING!!! *horns*
*humping ensues*
by odin_the_destroyer December 13, 2010
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Horrible-Smelling, Long-haired, guy, who expresses his allegience to the homosexual cause by wearing a plastic viking hat at RIT
Dude, did you see that fag the Viking King playing Warhammer with TFF again, god damn, what is with that hat?
by Erebus September 19, 2003
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