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Vijoy is a person who gets hype and all moody very fast. Only people close to him will know know the real vijoy. He is good to people who is good to him otherwise he won't bother to give a fuck bout them. He gets pissed and moody very quick. He is a short tempered guy. A guy so unique is unbreakable but very emotional. Can get hurted quite easily by particular people. Doesn't show off much and doesn't open up easily. His words can break hearts very easily. Only some people can see his good side. Won't budge that easily. A person delicate and soft at times and very stone-hearted at times. He can ignore very easily and doesn't care much. Cares only for a few and doesn't show it also. His worth is only realized by a few and he should also realize how people treat him and treat them wisely. A difficult person to understand but can be very understandable by few people. He is a great person to be love and he deserves very much to be loved.
"Vijoy is the guy I would want for a best friend"
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by doperetard October 26, 2018
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