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When Groups of Justice Inclined Citezens or "Bands", "Squads", or "Families" go hunting for justice. When they encounter a "Situation" or a "Code 9", Vigilante Justice is Enacted. The Squads, which are the most professional level of Bringers of Justice, Distribute Their Justice through any means deemed Neccessary.

Operating out of "DaBangem" (Sector 904), J.I. is the leading Squad of Vigilante Justicees in the World, Being The founders. Rumor has it that a German and a Scot formed J.I., which no one knows what it stands for. They reportedly "Cruise the city streets, crushing opponents of justice like Optimus Prime smashing justice un-doers into steel plates with his foot". This secret society is unkbeknownst to most passerby, but a select few know of its existence, and even less know its inner workings.

For Many Years to come, J.I. will reign, and at least in the Greater 904 Sector will be the Keepers of the Most Sared Law: That of Justice
"Whoa Dude, did you see that crazy bank robbery at Bank of America Today?"

"Yeah i did, it was on the news. Channel 4 said that the Swat teams couldn't bring down the robbers, but later that day the two suspected men were found tied up outside the Duval Municipal courthouse with a note with the Letters J.I. on their foreheads."

"Wow, Vigilante Justice prevails again"
by Von Fuchs July 03, 2009
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