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A state that occurs when an average video gamer becomes less fond of his current games. In most cases the average gamer starts playing less and is less interested in video games. The only known relief is the purchase of a new game.
1 Hey, Bud you haven't been on in a long time.

2 Yeah all my games appear to be boring and useless.

1 Oh No, your in a video game depression!
by ROFL A11 March 05, 2010
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that feeling when you play an amazing game that leaves you depressed for months and no other game can make you feel the same way and it affects your mental health and personal life until you can find another game
friend 1: hey dude, have you ever played the walking dead?

friend 2: oh yeah that game made me fall into a video game depression
by epicgamer#06 December 19, 2019
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