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The Vicky Mendoza diagonal is a specific kind of line on the "Hot/Crazy Scale". The Diagonal runs straight from the bottom left corner to the top right, signifying that the woman in question is crazy, but her hotness balances this out.
The Hotter she is the more crazy she is allowed to be.
Also see "Shelly Galesby zone" in which a girl is crazier than she is hot.
Guy1: that girls pretty frickin' crazy.
Guy2: Yeah but shes also hot. definitely on the vicky mendoza diagonal.
by Le Esquire May 28, 2009
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The hot-crazy scale, known as the Vicky Mendoza diagonal as defined by Barney in How I Met Your Mother. The crazier a girl is, the hotter she is allowed to be.
That chick is pretty crazy but I guess her hotness makes up for it, definitely on the Vicky Mendoza diagonal.
by freqznbutterz November 20, 2007
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