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A pleasurable Item ,toy , created by any motivated individual by utilizing any objects imaginable, specifically well rounded for ease and comfort, this line of individually created items were instructed to be powered with the ability to provide good vibrations when operated and, preferably operated when inebriated.

Based on historical Irish pride of sloshing oneself to a point of opened mindedness and vulnerability, the product line is known well as an underground fetish.

Anything that looks like a sex toy and can be referenced to someone or something by a person of Irish descent.
-What are you going to do to make your Vibrady, today?
--I'm considering this sack of potatoes, a horse saddle, and bass drum, for now. (Noun)

-I'm soooo Vibrady, right now... I could do anything! (Adjective)

-That old rug on the washer could be a new addition to the Vibrady Collection. (Noun)

-I'm so hot, I'm going to Vibrady all over that alarm clock! (Verb)
by NiceNecked Popcorn Fiasco January 12, 2017
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