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Is a hardcore badass motherfucker who won't take shit from nobody. They served in the armed forces of the united states and are now either kicking ass and taking names or going to school on GI bill to help this country grow and be the future leaders of our PUSSY ASS generation. Vetcore dudes hate hipsters and dress in anything tough, or cheap because they know that "hipsters" spend a lot of money to look cool which is why hipsters are PUSSIES...
Hipster: your so not hip, I hate you baby killers.
Vetcore: Fuck you pussy ass hipster. I have balls and I fought for our country while you were sitting at home smoking pot and finagling your tortalini. Get a fucking job! you are part of the reason this ECONOMY is sucking cock.
American: that dude is fucking vetcore.
by Chavoux December 02, 2010
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