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Verushka is very kind, brave and empathetic. She stands up for people even if it means putting herself a risk. Always gives never takes. Amazing soul which is companied by her great appence. She is the most gorgeous person you will meet but she doesn't know it. Though she is insure and scared but she doesn't show. There smile will turn you life upside down. They are also the most truth worthy, realiable and funniest people you will meet. You have to find yourself a Verushka because she will make you the happiest you have ever been.
Verushka is amazing
by jamesclarck August 11, 2018
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freakin hottest russian pornstar. Often likes to have sex with random men and play with their minds. Not a "whore" or a "slut". Name was created by a 6th Grade Social Studies teacher.

(Verushka is not a mail order bride like some may think)
TEENAGER #1:Who is that slutty girl?
TEENAGER #2: She's not a slut... she's Verushka... i swear she only wears short skirts cuz she has the hottest legs in the world.
by Vero Garcia August 03, 2005
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