Sweet Family from Algonac Michigan.
Known to start trouble and not to be messed with.The family is kinda like a Mafia.So watch what you say.I learned that
the hard way.If your a family friend you have many people watching your back for you
Consider yourself lucky.
Man 1 :so i heard one of the Vernier boys a re comming after you.
Man 2: Do you think i could take them
Man 3: i see you at your funeral man.
by vernier August 27, 2008
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A nickname given to people that act really annoying by pretending to be small. A know-it-all, a small devil. A tryhard if influenced too much.
"You're being such a Vernier Hades."
"You think you know everything, but you are just a Vernier Hades.
by RyanxyzMc November 10, 2018
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