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Girls who are from the Mount Vernon campus at The George Washington University. Hooking up with a Verngina is a feat in its own; once you navigate the Vern Express, you can choose to enter the dorm with WLC, but you may be encountered by an exponential amount of lesbian women leaders. You can trek across the hilly campus to another dorm, where Verngina possibly awaits you. However, once you return to the Foggy Bottom Campus, you will be harassed by all of your fellow students for taking a booty call on the fucking Vern you bitch.
Dude1: I tapped this hot girl last night
Dude2: Who, that ugly girl from the Vern?
Dude1: Yes, she may be a Verngina, but she's the kinkiest girl I know.
by Sexiled and Serenaded September 25, 2010
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One who is constantly hunting pussy. The dirtiest playa in the game.horribly over affectionate to the female species. Does not understand the word no. Abnormally gleeful.the ability to insult a stripper and still live to tell the tale. Stuck in a time period not of the present.A passion for the color purple.
You just had a verngina moment.

I'm as vergina as you can get ladies.

Justin said "let's party"

Matt says "let's go crazy"

I said "no let's do one better let's go verngina tonight."
by MavinCVS March 05, 2008
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