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The best phone ever in the entire world! Released November 6th, 2009 in the United States and is the result of Motorola, Google and Verizon having a baby. This God of a phone has virtual and physical qwerty keyboards, runs Android 2.0, Google Maps, an AWESOME navigation system, sick web browser, 5mp camera with duel led flash, ability to update mutliple apps at the same time and just about anything that phone can possibly have. Made popular by iDont ads, criticizing the iPhone, which given the features and the fact that its on the best network in the US, it definitely gives the iPhone a run for its money. BUY THIS PHONE!
Speaker 1: whoa dude! you have the sickest phone i think i've ever seen. and it updates soo quickly!
Speaker 2: yes! its the Verizon Droid - the greatest phone ever!
by droido November 06, 2009
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