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Excessive complimenting of an individual or a group for completing a task. Verbal Fellatio takes one of two forms, both equally insulting:

(1) The completed task is so mundane or trivial that the given comment is perceived as insincere.
(2) Closure of the task is a modern day miracle considering the abundance of incompetent personnel that were responsible for the project.

In either case, the person issuing the compliments is an imbecile.
The email sent out by the CEO complimenting the managers on their great work was nothing short of verbal fellatio.
by Dr. Shart September 11, 2008
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Heaping so much praise on someone as to bring that person to climax.
President Trump gave Vladimir Putin so much verbal fellatio at the Helsinki press conference, that the broadcast of the event was rated NSFW.
by Don the Traitor July 17, 2018
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