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Uber-English Teacher.
Struck down by the Venndicator!
by Roberto_Benigni February 17, 2004
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1)That little buzzer that goes off in your brain when you are in English class right after you said something extremely really really stupid.

2)A sensor or scientific instrument that beeps when the specific English teacher is around
1)*yelling across the hallway* "HEY JOEL DID YOU READ THAT ENGLISH STUFF WE HAD LAST NIGHT BECAUSE I SURE DIDNT?" You later get questioned about the incidient in class and turn redder than you ever have in your entire life and you leave the classroom and someone says "oh man I guess you didn't have your venndicator with you when you said that, huh?"

2) A small scientific gaget that makes a "beep beep beep" sound when ever that english teacher is within earshot
by J.T. the Bible Scholar February 19, 2004
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