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Venja is how a real hippie girl is supposed to be.

She is open minded, kind-hearted, friendly, has a good sense of humour, is very calm, in harmony with herself and she isn't scared of doing the unconventional.
She also has superior baking skills, which she uses to bake vegan deliciousness.
She is drug-free, while she tried alkohol and weed, she decided that these are nothing for her.
Her strong character enables her to stick to this decision, even if everyone around here is on alkohol, weed and speed at once.

A Venja also has great hair, sadly she tends to hide that in one or the other way. If not dreadlocks, then by pining it up.

The only real inconsistent thing about a Venja is that she cares about signs and rules. Of course she doesn't obey them, but she still thinks out loud about them.

Person 1: These weed-brownies are delicious, I bet Venja made them.
Person 2: Yes, she did. In fact, there is no weed in them. But don't worry, they will still make you high, because they are so good!

Venja: No, we can't steal food out of this dumpster, it's illegal. Let's do it anyways!
by nixoninajar June 01, 2013
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