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This technique requires a smouldering piece of coal, which is then inserted into an individual's anal cavity. This is then pushed deeper in by the partners penis often causing severe burns to the penis head and has been known to melt the Urthrea together making urinating impossible. The smouldering coal proceeds to melt a hole in the large intestine allowing the free flow of feces and often undigested food and biol out of the body. When this occurs the partner removes his burnt penis and replaces it with his face and mouth to 'lap' up all the feces and biol. Due to the high diet of sea food amongst the population this can cause quite a bad smell, often making their partner sick into the recipents mouth. This technique became almost gospal over the last three decades and is no enjoyed by a good population around the world.
Venautu Volcano Ahole?

Of course I'm fijian aren't I?
by Mirko Mirko December 14, 2010
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