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Short for 'Venomous Feminist'. Often used to describe women and men who are poisonous and hostile toward the masculine. They suppress male sexual desire for women by looking more gender neutral, not wearing make up and not using deodorant. They open their mouths and spew poison by repeating liberal talking points. #metoo #mybodymychoice and they tell women to not have sex with men until they can guarantee that abortion remains legal. They erroneously believe that 'toxic masculinity' is a a real thing. They also believe that it's 'their right' to kill unborn children.
Men should stay far away from VemFems as they are selfish and men will tend to do whatever they say for sex!

Popular vem-fems include Jennifer Wright, Cecil Richards, Gloria Steinem

Circa 2018.
A Vem-Fem tells men how toxic their masculine actions are, like not really listening when berated, for not doing girl things with them or opening a door for a female..
by InTheKnowMe July 04, 2018
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