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A relatively large, well-organized troll group formed on Google Plus. Their general targets are typically fandom groups, anti-troll groups like tpng and other troll groups that they see as competition. They raid innocent communities, harass and dox innocent people, and turn Google Plus into a general shithole all in the name of fun. The majority of members are idiotic (even the leaders agree) and usually will make posts in the "targets" section of their public community saying something along the lines of "HEY GUYZ WANNA COME N HELP ME RAID DIS 50 MEMBER ANYONE CAN JOIN COMMUNITY?????", never actually contributing to Velvixia. Essentially, the only respectable members are the leaders, who are actually decent people once you get to know them. Interestingly, they have a training branch, where you can learn to dox people if you're trusted, however you can literally Google how to do it and find their exact method. They depend on Grabify links and phone books, as well as social engineering. Script kiddies at their finest.
Person 1: My communty is being targeted by Velvixia!
Person 2: Relax, they can't do shit if you use a VPN, don't promote any more people to moderator, and turn on the "ask to join" option. Basic security stuff.
by a flying mumgay February 13, 2017
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A Google+ community that specializes in raiding other G+ communities, usually furries, bronies, or other types of cancerous crap.
Bob: Hey dude have you heard of Velvixia?

Dude: Yeah, I think they raided one of my old communities.
by ILXD23 November 20, 2016
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