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A dying bloodline of history that describes a descendant usually as a direct opposite of the last generation. "Veloush" translates out to "Velocity".

Abbreviated bloodlines include;
LSV: Legendary Super Veloush
SV: SuperVeloush
It is common to blur both words into one title as in Superveloush.

The ONLY way for someone to be classified as a Veloush is to marry one or be born from thus said bloodline..

Also, Veloush are predominately male... however, it's not uncommon for there to be a female Veloush every other skipped generation or so.
Most Veloush are arrogant or cocky, but still possess the know-how to finesse most situations when needed be.
"I am the Superveloush! And I can't be BEAT!"

-Superveloush ScottCarr

"I CHOOSE to fight for the hope of the next generation after me.."
-SigmaNu Superveloush
by Bromiser_ScottCarr February 08, 2015
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