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A cultural cross-section of people usually hailing from the more eastern parts of Europe whose sartorial preferences heavily include velour tracksuits. They can be spotted alone or in groups at markets, gyms, malls, beaches, boardwalks, clubs, and e-ing. Much to the chagrin of others, they find velour perfectly suitable for any and every occasion: indoor, outdoor, day, night, both formal and informal. Do not be fooled though, while some of them have tracksuits for every day of the week and any occasion, others have very few tracksuits which they wear all the time. Be conscious, Velouropeans such as these douse themselves far heavier in colognes such as Drakkar Noir and Cool Water than their cohorts who own more velour.
"Hey, check out that gang of Velouropeans hanging out right in front of the doorway, clogging up the passage. Who makes those tracksuits anyway, Armani or Lacoste?"
"Looks more like Enyce to me."

"This music sucks and it's way too loud"
"Maybe the Velouropean spinning the wax went with the cotton jumper instead of the poly blend."
by philadelphiadiplomat September 04, 2014
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