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The third ship to be formed by a Vell-os in Escape Velocity: Nova.

The Javelin embodies the hopes and desires of all the Vell-os people. A Javelin has been known to be created by very powerful T2's, but as a general rule, only T1's are capable of constructing one of these glorious works of art. A completed Javelin pulsates with the enormous mental energy of the Vell-os pilot as it travels. This mental construct is most often created by a Vell-os who is also capable of launching the devastating Autumn Petal attack and of disassociating their mind to create subsidiary vessels, making the Javelin one of the most powerful objects known to man. Only a few Javelins exist now, as it is rare for a Vell-os to be allowed to construct one.

This comes after the Vell-os Arrow and contains 3 Vell-os Darts
As soon as you glide down to land you cannot help but smile when you sense Fllyraen waiting for in the spaceport.

You shake your head, smiling in eagerness. He laughs and pokes you in the shoulder with his telekinetic 'finger'.

"Well watch closely," he says aloud, "and I will show you how..."

You sit down, preparing to follow Fllyraen's mind when suddenly your mind is filled with images of him weaving a javelin into existence around himself. After a few moments of surprise, you adjust to the different method of teaching and begin following Fllyraen's steps weave by weave until you have created a javelin of your own.
by Nova July 01, 2004
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