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Noun: A male vegetarian with a vagina.

Noun: Something a man grows upon the lack of meat consumption. The lack of meat causes the penis to suck in and form a vaginal type structure. Symptoms include being Indian, eating ramen without the flavoring, sitting down while urinating and just being a little bitch. The growth of a veggigina can also cause separations from friends because going to manly places like all you can eat buffets has no attractive qualities because it's not worth it.
Anuj: Hey can you order me two avocado and cream cheese sushi rolls?
Tomo: Wait you want two faggot rolls? Oh yea thats right you have a veggigina nevermind.

Mark: Hey remember that time that you almost grew a veggigina becuase you only ate like vegetables and shit
Gustavo: Yea i noticed my dick was starting to suck in so i had to stop.

Adam: Hey do you guys want to go to an all you can eat seafood buffet?
Gautam: No I'm a vegetarian so that gives me an excuse to be Indian too and not spend money
Matt: I dont see the advantage of going to a place where mainly flesh from living animals is sold as food.
Adam: Oh thats right i forgot you guys have veggiginas.
Cess: Adam's a bitch
by buttsecks24/7 September 13, 2010
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