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1. A vegetarian's backside. (To be or not to be?)

2 a. That one vegetarian or vegan friend everyone has and mentions when they meet another vegetarian or vegan.

b. She sometimes wears thick framed glasses, but can see perfectly fine, and still packs fresh carrots and guacamole in an over-sized lunch pail, stuffed into her oversized knapsack, even though she is well into her 20s, carrying textbooks half her body weight

3. The person that stalks the produce aisle, dropping all his or her coupons and recyclable plastic bags if they careen too fast between the islands. Neither does anyone ever listen to them in checkout as they boast about how they walked 5 miles to that grocery store or nag the other customers for purchasing pop tarts and prepared chicken salad.

4. A human rabbit
Veg: "How can I have...a donk? I eat vegetables all day long like a rabbit. Friend of veg: "You're not a rabbit, you're more like a veggie butt."
by LittleMissScooter February 02, 2011
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