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The proposal of Vegetecture is to consider the plants as primary material of construction, not an embellishment but the core built. To this there are accomplishments in bamboo, clay and straw. Vegetecture is a new design approach that considers the green as what constitutes the perfect environment for the life of man. The resulting city brings inside the forest, not building other gardens, but removing the border space of nature and the built space. In architecture the application of high green technology has proven to be a valuable and effective tool for the construction of new cities to ecological orientation. (From Vegetecture, by Maurizio Corrado, Sistemi Editoriali Esselibri Simone, Italy 2011)
To see example of Vegetecture, take a look to the work of Emilio Ambasz, Marcel Kalberer, Bureau Baubotanik, Patrick Dougherty....
by Nemeton August 01, 2011
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