Vector Marketing is considered the sales arm of Alcas Corporation. They have been reported to the Attorney Generals office which is presently reviewing complaints. The entity Vector Marketing has received over 100 employee complaints (exact number not given). It appears they like to target students in particular for jobs.

Vector Marketing is a company that targets students nationwide to sell Cutco kitchen knives with in-home demonstrations. They are encouraged to sell to their family and friends to start out with and are pretty successful in the beginning, since it's easy to sell to people that care about you and feel obligated to help out. But after that they must rely on referrals, which can be difficult since not too many people want to let stangers into their house to get a sales pitch on knife sets that typically cost several hundred dollars.
Vector Marketing has been doing this for years deceiving tens of thousands of young students and a group called Students Against Vector Exploitation (SAVE) is getting together because they are not going to take it anymore.
by Unbiased Man April 23, 2008
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Vector Marketing is a Pyramid Scheme, taking advantage of poor young college students and the bottom, so the heads at the top can profit.
by ofelixdacat June 6, 2010
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an evil branch of the cutco company that uses college and high school grad students as fodder to sell its products, via by first pushing the product on to their friends and family by playing the guilt card and eventually if possible friends of friends until they ran out of people. While it is possible to make money by doing this but the grand majority of us won't due to fuel cost and other factors
vector marketing's base play looks awesome but if you really take time and do the math it's not really worth it
by extreme133 June 2, 2010
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The most amazing opportunity available to college students looking to grab some extra cash in the summer all while getting awesome experience to build up your resume. (Also the number one employer to college students in the US)

For example, as you work more, you get promoted more. Most new hires get their first promotion within one weekend. I averaged one promotion per week. It makes a great second job especially because you make your own schedules so it can work around your current job. And to all you haters out there, you only hate because you are bitter and can't pull it off. Not my problem.

Vector Marketing is a great work opportunity for students.
by Mandi13 May 14, 2007
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