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That fat Indian kid you find in every class that is super annoying but follows the cool kids everywhere, thinking he is super cool and has millions of friends but really he has none. A Vathshan will always be the dumbest in the class and will end up being a bin man when he's older.
Cool kid 1: You see that fat kid over there?
Cool kid 2: The Indian one?
Cool kid 1: Yeah fam. He's been following us around all day.
Cool kid 2: He's probably just a Vathshan
by 2 syllables March 07, 2017
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An Indian kid, who is typically small and more fat than skinny, but has that unique personality that everybody loves.
Person : You see that kid there?
New kid: The short chubby one?
Person : Yeah. He's so nice,everyone loves him.
New kid: He's probably a Vathshan
by 2 syllables June 18, 2018
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