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Person who flirts over anything he gets, in some cases it doesn't even have to be a human being! Such people has unique ability to charm people. They always carry a book in their hands and use them to start conversations with chicks!

Such people are extremely friendly and active in 3pm to 3am of time period and extremely annoying and lazy in other half of the day!

They have super natural power of imagination and great seance of visualization. These seances are so refined that any physical obstetrical between subject's body and them can be nullified when every they want!!!

Such people are typical of KRIBHCO. However, now a days they are found flirting on CEPT campus Ahmedabad.
Example - 1

Guy : Check him out, he is in deep intellectual discussion with that girl.

Other Guy : Come on man, he is just vasiming!!! I am sure he is going to have her company over the dinner tonight. (Wink)

Example - 2

Boy : Dude, Its 3.30 pm & our college finishes at 2!!! You've gone so vasimed in first semester itself!!!

Example - 3

Boy on college campus...

Hey, check out Vaga, he is in some deep thoughts.

Other boy - Dude, can you see that girl some 300M away? He is Vasiming her up!!!
(Nod of Agreement.....)
by Define.... July 07, 2011
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