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1. Vartain

-Vivd verb
Pronounced: Var ยท tayn

One who is easily trolled; see trolling
More commonly used interchangeably with Nigger or Jew when insulting another; based upon derogatory labeling of ones race, ethnicity, or religious views; see racism
Used in the telling of racists jokes, an acceptable practice in the environment of a golf course; see golf course;
also; see related -Xbox live, lolacaust, Michael Richards.

2009-10; < across the internets

-Related Forms
double Vartain; noun, adjective
Stealing; verb
E.g 1

boy 1:Hey man did you see the news last night? Deon was caught shop lifting!

boy 2: lol, he is such a vartain.

e.g 2

Boy 1: Hey man i just finished your chicken bucket and cleared your water melon juice box

Boy 2: Dude dont be a fucking vartain
by ktacev June 05, 2010
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