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A very famous Italian name that goes back to the rulers of Europe. Whoever is a Vanucchi is very lucky, and is very prestegious. They are descendants from rulers and royalty, so they practically have the right to rule the people around them. Some Vanucchis are also involved in parts of the Italian Mafia, so if you mess with a Vanucchi, you are going down. Pretty much the friendliest, good-hearted, most genuine, best people in the world.
Person1: Bro did you just hit that Vanucchi?

Person2: Yeah I punched him in the gut!

Person1: You're screwed.

Person2: HA! No, Vanucchi's screwed.

Person1: Dude, the mafia's behind you. They're gonna kick your ass. You don't mess with a Vanucchi.

Person2: Shit.
by ItalianGirl March 10, 2010
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