Vancouver, WA. Think Kentucky but in a different part of the county, and just a city. Just across from the river from Portland, OR the whole city seems to be a few years behind and mullets and 4x4 raised American made trucks are plentiful.
With a truck like that, they must be from Vantucky.

Her frosted and feathered hairstyle resembles someone from Vantucky.
by Stacy Jones December 22, 2005
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1) Originally the American name for Vancouver, BC. Think Kentucky filled with Canadians.

2) More recently used as a name for Vancouver, WA by hipsters in Portland, OR (the neighboring city).
Who invited Vantucky?

With a truck like that, they must be from Vantucky.

Her frosted and feathered hairstyle resembles someone from Vantucky.
by untitled86 December 5, 2011
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Small town in Washington state, more commonly known as Vancouver, WA USA. A town where it seems everyone is related, somehow. Think Kevin Bacon and "six degrees of separation", concept, which says that any two people on Earth are six or fewer acquaintance links apart. Well, in Vantucky, it's only one degree of separation. Everybody is linked.

Small town feel, a bit backward, and men drive trucks not hybrids.
I'm related to Joe Jones, he's my uncle...yup, we're in Vantucky!
by zibbi April 23, 2016
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Vancouver,WA: The Armpit of Portland, OR, as opposed to it's butthole (Gresham). A city composed of yuppies, rednecks, outlaws and tweekers. Tweekers are meth addicts who twitch, obviously, and ride 10 speeds with a microwave balanced on the handlebars and a cart of cans trailing behind.
"If you want a speedball and a job at walmart, come to glorious vantucky! and BE SOMEBODY!"
by sandy clam December 22, 2005
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A sexual act between a man and a woman occurring in the city of Vancouver, WA (also known as Vantucky). When the man indicates he is close to climax, the woman assumes a position on her knees and begins fellatio to help him through said climax. At the instant of climax, however, the man simultaneously grabs a handful of hair of the unsuspecting woman (to restrict mobility), pulls out of her mouth and deftly guides the tip of his penis so the urethra is aimed directly up one of her two nostrils. He then releases a magnificent stream of ejaculate into her nasal cavity. The woman then instinctively attempts to evacuate the ejaculate from her nostril by holding the empty nostril shut and blowing forcefully through the "plugged" nostril, blowing the semen out much like a traditional snot rocket.
She sounds like she's a little stuffed up today ... her boyfriend probably gave her a Vantucky Snot Rocket last night
by ko2blkul April 29, 2011
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