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Vannary is a small asian gangster with urban fashion sense and an intoxicating laugh. She is sooo super fine. She listens to and warships Kanye. She knows ALL the werds. Everyman in the club will say: DAMN, who is that fine asian dancing up a storm, its Vannary.
She is so pretty she could be a part time model and spend part of her time... with meeee. She is the asian-ist gangster to every grace the dance floor of any club. She laughs and plays and is sooo too good for any creepy loner in a club. she loves MTL and her friends. Everyone loves Vannary!
Creepy loner: who is that sexy girl dancing over there mouthing all the words to kanye?
Creepy loner #2:man she is such a Vannary!
Creepy loner: damn she is soooo asian! And she is soooo fine!
by Kayla29292929 December 31, 2008
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