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AKA Dead Media, Obsolete Tech, Old School, Outdated.

Any product or technology that has begun to vanish from production and/or use.
Floppy disks, typewriters, VHS tapes, film cameras, and lead-based paints are all products that have begun to vanish in recent history, though they may never completely go away.

Kevin Kelley has demonstrated how even ancient tools and products, such as horse-drawn plows and prehistoric knives are still being made today, but have vanished from popular use.

Sometimes products vanish as they converge into other products. Fewer people carry PDAs as cellphones have begun offering that capability, and pocket radios merged into separate products - the car stereo and the portable stereo (boombox).

In some cases, Vanishware may make comebacks, such as the vinyl record or electric car.
Steam Car
VHS Tape
Rotary Phone
Smart Media flash card
Zip Disk
Floppy Disk
Car Phone
Desktop PC
"I can't get bigger memory for my camera since Smart Media became Vanishware"
by salu1999 February 16, 2008
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