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Van Weezy is a serious syndrome that affects a select few in the USA each year. it is a severe form of assburgers if u start to see any signs of this disease call ur doctor right away becuz itl probly turn u into a condescending asshole symptoms of Van weezy syndrome include:
Making up lies about asian crack whores who say theyl rip ur titties off
u may b able to spit rhymes better but hav no rhythm
be able to SERIOUSLY cut the rug
seeing your yugi oh skills develop to an incredibly high level
wearing a shirt becuz u dnt wana get "sunburn" wen u swim
waking up everyone around u to take a fake phone call at 2 in the morning in the middle of the rainforest
after having an incredible shud b life changing experience all u can think of is the book u read about capitolism and how interesting it was
Person 1: guys my best frend is a crack whore hu fucked me for free!!!
Person 2: Dude wat the fuck ur full of bullshit u totaly hav Van Weezy
by ilikecholosandirockthewifebeat January 15, 2011
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