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Someone who is not a "true" vampire; one who has some of the stereotypical features of a "movie vampire" but is not considered a proper vampire by the broader community of "true" vampires; an outcast.
Not to be confused with "wannabe" vampires, such as some manifestations of goths/emos/etc.
You are not a Vamprior if you do stereotypically vampiric things just to make yourself a vampire or vamprior. You have to be born into stereotypical vampirism. Love of blood is the only prerequisite, but if you force yourself to conform to any stereotypical vampirism, you're a wannabe, and cannot carry the title.
Also not to be confused with "proper" vampirism, research it for yourself if you think that is the way you are inclined.
I have natural fangs, a taste for blood, a love of the night, and like to bite people for blood who are willing. I can go out in the sun and don't mind garlic.

I'm not a vampire, I'm a vamprior.
by HFBBQ October 17, 2007
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