An ass so juicy you just can help but sink your teeth into it.
Man, that girl so fine, she got a vampire ass!
by shennica February 22, 2014
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When a white person never leaves their home, especially during sunlight hours - resulting in a pasty appearance.
Jeff: wow! you went outside without a jacket today? No wonder why you’re always sick!
Jason: If your vampire ass went outside today, you would’ve known it wasn’t cold.
by Wordsmith & Wesson March 23, 2018
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When a woman has been wearing a bikini in the sun all day and she goes home and takes it off, her ass is completely white.
I now have a great tan except I have a vampire ass
by Teenageswimmer June 13, 2015
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A bottom who sucks the cum out of every guy he sees, using his ass that is
Viril: *smirk* "bLogan becomes an ass vampire instead of a werewolf"
by 🐼 Ren July 22, 2021
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N: A slang word used to describe a Homosexual

Ass Vampirism V: The act of sucking someone's ass
That guy sure looks like an Ass Vampire!
by Civic Ricer January 30, 2003
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Someone who lurks in the background, usually with a vampire like appearance, and suddenly sucks into the conversation usually with one exclamation.
Jamie to Michael: “How many bus stops until we get to town?”

*Ass Vampire jumps in out of nowhere*

Ass Vampire: “Three!” (While holding three figers in their faces and teeth ashow)
by The PM May 16, 2018
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A person with no apparent skills except for flattering their supervisors; a particularly obvious, nauseating syncophant.
"Look at Rick laughing at the boss' stupid jokes. What a goddamn ass vampire! Bet he gets promoted.
by Fnort October 9, 2015
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