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As seen on the third episode of the third season of True Blood:
Vampire Hate Fuck is the act of angrily twisting a person's head backwards a complete 180 degrees so that you don't have to look at their face while you fuck them violently out of pure hate and spite. Unlike rape, this experience is welcomed by the person having their head twisted.
I'm gonna have to Vampire Hate Fuck that bitch.
by Doctor Amaazing July 01, 2010
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When you are so angry at a woman that you throw her on the bed on her back, then proceed to dry hump her out of your hatred for her. Then while dry humping her you twist her entire head around on and a half time so her head faces the floor and you continue to dry hump the hell out of her.
When we got in a huge fight because I did not want to go out for Italian food two night in a row it suddenly turned into passion and I threw her on the bed and vampire hate fucked her until she moaned for more.
by William27 June 29, 2010
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