Usually used while in a hurry to leave due to dangerous situation or sight of pigs. Similar to "Let's bounce"
Ricardo: Ey it's the 5-0 Holmes !

Chino: Serio ? Vamonos !
by Cycles_to_gehenna December 31, 2015
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White person: Are you Mexican.
Mexican: Yea
White person: Speak Spanish

Mexican: No
White person: I know Spanish, VAMONOS AMIGOS
by Vamonos January 3, 2018
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...Pero lleva mucho Botiquín,

Porque mucha gente cae ahí.

Ponte ahora tu mejor skin!

This is an extract of the song "La cumbia de Free Fire" by Bukano. It's mainly used as the Spanish version of the Animan Studios meme, and is just as valid as using "Ballin' " for it.
-Hey, have you seen the Animan Studios meme?

-The one with "Ballin" in it?

-Yeah, but have you seen the Spanish version too?

-Nah. How does it go?

-Vamonos de Fiesta a factory, pero lleva mucho botiquin, porque mucha gente cae ahí. Ponte ahora tu mejor skin!
by ZasaMan May 13, 2023
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