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A very very useful phrase, especially in the context of a business negotiation. Typically, the following issues should be addressed when determining the implementation of value driven content:

- Will it effectively help my readers with their jobs?
- Is it educational and not too self-serving?
- Does it make sense coming from us?
- Can we handle inquiries about this topic?
- Does it solve a problem for our customers?
- Is it something of interest to our customers, given their job position?
- Is the content practical enough to use right away?
- Will this position our company as experts?

When talking about value driven content, your words will have more credibility if you are also a wanker, and like to pull down your pants and bend over for company executives.
Hey, John, I have drawn up a proposal to increase this project's value driven content. Do you want to book a private meeting room to discuss?
by ilovemyjobasacorporate August 24, 2008
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