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someone who makes out Valentine's day to be something more than just a tribute to chocolates and the color pink.
She spent an hour telling me how important it was for her to get a date by Valentine's Day.

What a Valentard.
by ShowFire February 14, 2011
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Someone (usually a guy) that is very attractive, in a rock-star sort of way. (Tall and skinny.) Usually plays an instrument of some sort and has piercings and tattoos. (They have no meaning; just because (s)he wanted one.) Tells Bill Brasky jokes after consuming one beer (Also very drunk at this point). Has a redneck hick sort of manner. Ususally clad in a baseball hat and mismatched flip-flops and cargo shorts. Very self-confident. Very horny, but also very stupid. Passes up sex with two very willing wo(men) on several occasions. Just a general prick all the way around.
Dry and sarcastic, you will learn everything you ever need to know in college from him/her.
Valentard: So, this one time I was in the back of a truck will Bill Brasky and a deer-

Girl: So, you wanna get out of here?

Valentard: Sure.....So you see this tattoo here. I just went in and said I wanted a tattoo.

Girl: Cool!

Valentard: So I play piano.

Girl: Even cooler! Good with your fingers, then, eh?

Valentard: So, I don't want a relationship out of this, I just wanna fuck.

Girl: Great! That's all I really want too! Can my friend (insert name here) come too?

Valentard: Sure!.....So, I totally don't have any condoms. Maybe some other time?

Girls: (Very pissed) Sure.
by Brittany Allen April 02, 2007
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