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The day before Valentine's Day, that guys use to spend time with the second (or third) most important women in their lives.

February 13th is the day that mistresses get to feel like wives and sideline hoes get to feel like star players.

It's especially sad when the girl doesn't know she's not the only girl her "boyfriend" is seeing.
Girl 1: He's taking you out the day before Valentine's Day?

Girl 2: Yeah, he has to work late on Valentine's Day.

Girl 1: I'm pretty sure he's going to be with his actual girlfriend. That's why he's taking you out on Valenswine's Day.
by TaylorHoward January 27, 2011
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Valenswine's Day is February 13th and is for mistresses.
Just heard this today February 13, 2008.
Anybody else know anything??

Also, just a day for singles to lament being single.
This guy I know is seeing his fiancee on Valentine's Day, but asked me to "hang out" with him on Valenswine's Day.

They all got together the night before Valentine's Day and tried not to brood about being single.
by Tanya S. February 13, 2008
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