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Someone unique, inspiring, life changing, someone with charismatic qualities
"There's this guy I was talking to the last year, man he's such a Valaurax. That guy really changed my thinking & my life! That's why I'm such a success today, because of the inspiration he provided me with!"
by Giorgi April 18, 2007
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Valaurax adj

1. A Valaurax is someone that is free of any limitations of fear, doubt, inability etc.

2. Someone who pushes themselves to do what he wishes on doing, while others criticize him to being unable to do something as such.. Yet most of the time these sort of people are successful anyway and these people often have strong self-belief & self-confidence, these people are NOT cocky or over-confident.

3. Valaurax~Philosophy, The 'DJ' name of a young music composer/artist (The Origin Of The Word Comes From Him)
The Patient Would Be Considered A Valaurax In The Following Example:

Doctor - "I'm sorry, but you'll never be able to move again"
Patient - "I'll walk out of this hospital before Christmas"

True Story, the man walked out of the hospital before Christmas & the doctors were at a loss of explanation
by Giorgi April 17, 2007
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