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An arrogant, persistent, naive, disrespectful, ignorant, annoying, narcissist who thinks his stupid fucking on-line dictatorship puts him above 20 million users. He likes to find groups with no leader on the on-line MMO ROBLOX, and "shut down" groups to (attempt to) make his shit-for-brains group and members look better, and to attempt to spread his "royalty" over ROBLOXia. He thinks that he literally take over a site using a group feature to take over a multi-million dollar company. He constantly breaks copyrights and infringes Guerilla games by copying the "Helghasts" from their game(s) Killzone (series.) He does this on both ROBLOX and Youtube, and constantly is warned not to do so. They refuse to ban him from the site of ROBLOX because he pays $50-60 USD a month on their game. About 97% of the people who know as to whom he is, hate him. They say many realistic things; for example, "VAKTUS TAKES CUM BY THE BUCKETS!" "VAKTUS GETS HIS ASSHOLE STRETCHED TO NEW LEVELS!" "VAKTUS IS THE HOMOSEXUAL CONNOTATION OF ROBLOX!" and many others.
"Dude, Vaktus is an asshole."
by firepwner October 29, 2011
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Honestly, the hate that Vaktus gets is overrated and the product of angry little children having no way to vent their anger on anything else but him. Vaktus came up with an idea, after seeing the Helghast from Killzone, and applied it to ROBLOX. Now, some people will say 'omg qq that so rude copyright shit rage'. Of course, that's what FEAR did too, yet they get no hate from that (rather they are hated for being an OD-Popularized VIP Clan). Dwellers of ROBLOX are under the false guise that Vaktus intends to take over the coporation ROBLOX, which is false, because Vaktus has, many times, stated that it is PURELY ROLEPLAY. Vaktus is not banned because he is a rule-abiding person, rather than some arrogant fool who gets banned for cursing. Vaktus, in game, is a very friendly person. The only reason that people hate him is because he didn't have the time to come up with a completely original idea (the same can be said for a lot of ROBLOX users) and because they think he's some Pro-Nazi supremacist.
Just because someone tells you Vaktus is bad, doesn't mean you have the right to criticize him on urban dictionary.
by StrategicTheory March 03, 2013
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