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Noun: 1. The vaginal-uterine area on a woman of Jewish descent; often used during talk of sex or conception.

Additional Forms:

-Adjective: Vajewteral (Used to describe the action of a stereotypical Jewish Woman)
-Verb: Vajewterate,-ing,-ated (Used to describe someone using their vajewterus or someone using someone else's vajewterus
-Adverb: Vajewterly (Used to describe someone doing something in a manner that would be considered vajewteral)
1. Bubbe's vajewterus is located between her legs, around her hip area.

2. Jane was vajewteral; She enjoyed eating bagels and gossiping

3. Michael vajewterated the Jewish Woman, by having sexual relations with her.

4. Mary served breakfast vajewterly, by offering bagels to her guests
by BCA Hackensack ABF 2012 April 04, 2009
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