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An artificially induced state of consciousness that a female can employ on another human being by using access to her vagina (or the threatened lack of access) that results in heightened susceptibility to suggestion in an individual similar to a hypnotic state.

Vagypnosis is most commonly seen in heterosexual couples, whereby a female will use access to her vagina or the giving or withholding of sex to gain power over her male counterpart. It should be noted that vagypnosis has also been witnessed in lesbian couples as well as in females who are "experimenting" with members of their same sex.

Some individuals -as with hypnosis, and other forms of suggestion- are far more skilled at deploying and using vagypnosis than others.
He tried to say no to her, because she was very demanding and took up all of his time...but she used her vagypnosis on him...and now she has the keys to his house, and access to all of his bank accounts.
by The Dickensian Virginian October 21, 2012
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